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Ross Harper

Not a traditional law firm

ROSS HARPER is an online referral network connecting clients to established law firms regulated by the Law Society of Scotland. ROSS HARPER is not a regulated law firm.

Those firms employ specialist Scottish Solicitors who are professionally qualified and regulated.

Find out more about the benefits of using a Scottish Solicitor by following this link to the Law Society of Scotland.

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We are passionate about revolutionising the Scottish Legal Market and welcome applications from people who share our values to join our network.

Please email or call 0800 11 12 13 to discuss present opportunities.

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Our Mission

To revolutionise the Scottish Legal Market by:

  • Being the first place clients go to when wanting to hire a specialist Scottish Lawyer.
  • Smashing barriers that separate clients and their lawyers, allowing clients to get access to the right lawyers, right now!
  • Offering an award-winning service tailored to suit the needs of clients.
  • Taking advantage of technological and legal developments available to benefit our clients and partners.

Whatever the situation, we will get you the right lawyer, right now!